The Harz - Mountains

The Brocken

The highest mountain in the Harz Mountains! Having an altitude of 1.142 meters above sea level, its peak even exceeds tree line. The whole area around the Brocken has been declared a National Park. The most popular excursion destination in the Harz attracts more than two million visitors each year. A lot of famous persons did not miss the chance to climb the Brocken.

Brocken3 Brocken5 Brocken

The peak of the Brocken can either be reached by riding with the historical steam train "Brockenbahn" or by foot, e.g. starting from the so-called Jew's cemetary (near Torfhaus). From there, it's only about one and a half hour walking on a quite convenient footpath. On top of the Brocken, there are restaurants, a museum, souvenir shops, a botanical garden of mountain plants, a hotel and a footpath with a marvellous panoramic view. On a clear day, you can enjoy a magnificent view from the highest peak of the Harz.

The Eckertal Reservoir

At the foot of the Brocken massive, surrounded by wooded mountains, there is the idyllic Eckertal Reservoir. It is the smallest but highest situated river dam in the Harz Mountains. Its dam wall is 235 meters long and about 60 meters high. It was finished in 1943. The Eckertal Reservoir stores up to 13 million cubic meter of water. During the times of German separation, the inner German border line went right through the middle of the Eckertal Reservoir.

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Nowadays, a boundary-post still reminds of the fact that this beautiful lake was situated directly at the so-called death-line. It is very quiet at the Eckertal Reservoir, because it cannot be reached by car, but only by foot. You reach it best by starting from Torfhaus or the Radau Waterfall. Flood prevention, increase of low tide and power generation are the main purposes of the Eckertal Reservoir. The whole area between Braunschweig and Wolfsburg is served with drinkable water by the Eckertal Reservoir.

The Okertal Reservoir

Being completed in 1956, the Okertal Reservoir is mainly used for flood prevention and power generation. Some technical data: lengh of dam wall: 260 meters, maximum depth: 65 meters, area: more than 2 square kilometers.


From March till December, the Okertal Reservoir presents picturesquely situated bays. It is the most branched reservoir in Germany.

Okertalsperre Okertalsperre2 Okertalsperre3

You can cross the Okertal Reservoire on a cruise boat.


The boat tour costs 7 Euro for adults and 3,50 Euro for children, and it takes about one and a half hours. Swimming, surfing and sailing is also possible on the lake.





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The climatic health resort Ilsenburg is situated on the northern rim of the Harz Mountains. With its surrounding woodlands, Ilsenburg offers a unique natural landscape and - as a special attraction - the romantic Ilsetal, valley of the small Ilse river, with its gorgeous Ilse-waterfalls and the Ilse-stone. The Ilse-stone, a steep granite rock approx. 3 km away from Ilsenburg, is a popular hiking destination within easy walking distance. From the top of the Ilse-stone, you can enjoy a magnificent view on the Brocken massif and far into the northern Harz foreland.

The Käste Cliffs

A group of impressive granite rocks high above the Oker Valley - the Käste Cliffs! Having an altitude of up to 605 meters above sea level, these Cliffs are one of the most famous and popular hiking destinations in the northwesterly Harz. From our appartment, you can reach the Cliffs within a 2 hours walk. There are some interesting stone formations up there, like "The old man", a rock which looks like the face of an old man. From the top of the Käste Cliffs, you can enjoy a marvellous view on the Oker Valley and the northern Harz foreland.

Kaeste Kaeste2 Kaeste3

The so-called "woolsack"-weathering, which is typical for granite stones, has created today's shape of the rocks. This kind of weathering makes massive stone turn into rounded blocks, which make the viewer think of wool sacks. In former times, the area around the Käste Cliffs has probably been a place of cultic activities.


The restaurant "Kästehaus" invites you for having a little rest. From April to October, you could also reach this popular destination for day-trippers by bus from Bad Harzburg or by a horse-drawn carriage (on Wednesdays only). Some other interesting rock formations, such like the so-called Witch's Kitchen, the Mousetrap or the Fig Tree Cliff are situated near the Käste Cliffs.